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Rouse Hill Estate

356 Annangrove Road
Rouse Hill NSW 2155 [see map]

Capacity: Unknown

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Past Gigs (2)

Jun '22



Rouse Hill Psychedelia Day 2

W/ Splinter Orchestra, Barricades, Megan Alice Clune, flower boy 卓颖贤, dnka+zil, Madame Lark with Trent Arkleysmith, Loose-y Crunché, BRIA, Alon Ilsar, Damian Barbeler & Paul Mac, Synth Primitive

4:00pm Rouse Hill Estate


Day 2 - more info on event above



Rouse Hill Psychedelic Festival Day 1

W/ Thrum III, Jon Rose, Jaslyn Robertson, Sumn Conduit, Dahyo Lloyd & Emily Yali, Deepfake, Tim Gruchy, Shoeb Ahmad, Jonathan Watson, Damian Barbeler & Paul Mac, Synth Primitive

6:00pm Rouse Hill Estate


“ This psychedelic adventure is inspired by the radical musical ideas and abstract art of Dr John Buchanan Rouse Terry, a descendant of the Rouse family, who created immersive performances in the mid-1960s. Featuring an eclectic mix of electronic and experimental music acts, using both contemporary and retro technology (a nod to John Terry’s work), artists will respond creatively to the rural landscape of the property to create an unforgettable and sensory experience for all visitors. Plus, digitised sections of 16mm film hand-painted by Dr Terry will be projected throughout the site.”