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A Bunch Of Links

Artist / Collective Run Spaces

Black Wire Records
Not-for-profit punx/label/gallery/legends. Current outlet is their new(ish) store/space in Forest Lodge, 19th Nervous Breakdown.
Open Source Collective
Absolutely incredible collective with a creative space out in Glendenning, and a sprawling online ecosystem that rules.


Best Before
A Sydney-based pop blog covering everything from locals to globals, with honest-to-goodness live reviews and everything.
David James Young
A fantastic writer and passionate scene supporter. DJY has had many podcasts and projects to his name, and his collected work at this site is well worth a read.
Sound Doctrine
Tommy Faith has long been writing one of the sharpest, wittiest music blogs in a time where there really aren't a lot of them. He's got an ear that can swiftly pull out novel music that deserves a listen - and he's not chasing trends, he's just vibing. We love Tommy.
The Creative Independent
An inspiring, no-bullshit initiative founded by former Pitchfork staffer Brandon Stosuy, featuring thoughtful and in-depth interviews with musicians and other creative folks.

Discord Communities

Aussie Wigglers
This Discord is a thriving bunch of modular synth nerds.
Spirit Level
Spirit Level is an artist-run label and collective of likeminded humans. Their Discord is a really lovely community of creative support.

Industry Resources

Live Performance Australia
The peak body for the live industry in Australia, representing everyone from promoters and artists to venues and educators.
The not-for-profit NSW state body for contemporary music. Everything from funding and professional development to policy and advocacy.
Support Act
An incredible not-for-profit supporting music industry professionals with mental health services, crisis relief, and wellbeing programs.

Labels and Distros

Aquatic Lab
"Aquatic Lab is Australia’s first underground bass record label, and is recognised globally as one of the earliest international outposts of the UK dubstep sound."
Art As Catharsis
Astral People Recordings
Bird's Robe
Bird's Robe are synonymous with post-rock and progressive rock in Australia, along with a broad spectrum of other experimental genres. Some local artists on their roster include sleepmakeswaves, Solkyri and We Lost The Sea.
Dew Process
Extra Spicy
Future Classic
Half A Cow
The Hummingbirds! Art of Fighting! Kim Salmon! Crow! A venerated Aussie indie label with a lengthy roster.
Ivy League Records
Resist Records
Sweat It Out
Sydney City Chiptune Ministries
"Old and new chipmusic, modular soundscapes, demoscene tracker files, hardware jam tapes, outsider electronic drones, field recordings and other DIY scene-based music"


Emus (Exploratory Music in Sydney)
Experimental music radio show on Eastside 89.7fm also offers a comprehensive events calendar and newsletter.
Gigged Out
A Sydney directory of House and Techno events.
Sydney Blues Society Gig Guide
Sydney Jazz Club
This link takes you straight to their jazz-focused gig guide. Does what it says on the tin.
Utility Fog
Peter Hollo (Tangents, Fourplay, Raven, countless cello contributions for other musicians and projects) has been running the Utility Fog show on FBi Radio for nearly 20 years. He's an authoritative source on his domain of "postfolkrocktronica, dronenoise, power ambient, post-everything improv... and more?" and has been a fantastic promoter of the myriad of amazing artists in this space. Listen to the show, check the playlists, there's always something gobsmacking to get your ears into.


Eastside FM 89.7
Community radio station for the City of Sydney and Eastern Suburbs
FBi Radio
Koori Radio
Sydney’s only First Nations radio station, broadcasting 24/7 on FM and DAB+ from Redfern
"Inner West to the rest" - a not-for-profit, volunteer-operated independent (and online-only) radio station. Broadcasting Thursday to Sunday, 12pm to 10pm. Features a Discord community.
Broadcasting online out of Soundworks Studios in Marrickville.

Record Shops

19th Nervous Breakdown
Forest Lodge. From the people that brought you Black Wire Records.
Beatdisc Records
CBD. Jazz and blues specialists.
Egg Records
Halcyon Daze Records
Papa Disquo
Newtown (basically Enmore)
Red Eye Records
Repressed Records
Resist Records
Marrickville. Hardcore and Punk.
Something Else Records
The Record Store
Surry Hills
The Vintage Record
Surry Hills and Barangaroo
Utopia Records
VERSE [fka Halfback Books and Records]
Dee Why

... and a complete listing of all of the venues that we've listed shows for

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