Turns 2

It's an exciting year for this little project.

This year we're focused on SydneyMusic's ongoing operational and financial sustainability, figuring out how we can set it up for viability in the years ahead while staying true to our core principles and goals.

There are heaps of unknowns, but we think this project serves an important function. Working on SMn has transformed my perspective and understanding of Sydney's creative universe, and l hope it's been able to do the same for you too.

We are privileged to live amongst a diverse and wonderful cluster of creative subcommunities. I have never been more excited for what's percolating below the surface across this city.

Our philosophy is that the healthier our grassroots music scenes are, the stronger and more impactful Australia's music ecosystem will be as a whole.

Music needs to be able to thrive in places and spaces that naturally reflect the communities that create it, and we need infrastructure and policy that will enable it to happen anywhere - from living rooms, garages, artist-run spaces, studios and warehouses, all the way through to band rooms, front bars, clubs, theatres, halls, arenas and stadiums.

We're excited to keep evolving into the future to make SydneyMusic an even more incredible resource that makes it easier for everyone to find a connection with Sydney's local music and creative community.

Thanks for being a part of the journey!

Joe (on behalf of Team SMn)

* * *

SydneyMusic costs money to run. If you would like to help us cover our hard operating costs, any and all donations are massively helpful and gratefully appreciated! You can donate at

Joe Hardy
02 Mar 2024