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Pari, Parramatta

11 O'Connell St
Parramatta NSW 2150 [see map]

Capacity: Unknown

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Upcoming Gigs (1)

May '24




W/ Carb On Carb, Sun Run, Del Slackers, S.C.U.M.

3:30pm Pari, Parramatta


All ages! Another of the classic Pari underground car park shows. Phenomenal lineup.

Past Gigs (2)

Aug '23



Beat Kitchen Records and Pari present: Back to the Area

W/ Risk Death, LILPIXIE, Josef

5:00pm Pari, Parramatta


Western Sydney! The home of some of the most exciting emerging talent in Australia right now, an incredible cluster of creative communities... and yet a lot of what is happening in its native environment doesn't hit our radar. Here's an opportunity to check it out. This evening will also feature art by Hamza, and Indonesian food by Lawan.

Mar '23



BAYANG (tha Bushranger) x BRACT

W/ Doe Ramada, Optic Nerve, Robber

5:00pm Pari, Parramatta


HOT SITUATION. Bayang (tha Bushranger) is one of Sydney's brightest emerging talents: the Western Sydney rapper has been releasing a constant stream of tracks with a many local producers. Now, he's launching an entire LP with the incredible industrial metal trio Bract. Their lead single Homesick is a gigantic rib-rattler with sustained drones, distorted beats and howling feedback. This album launch show at a Parramatta artist-run space is rounded out with a diverse line-up from Doe Ramada's rave-inflected rap, to Optic Nerve's fast-paced punk, to Robber's sludgier form of the same.