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Great Hall (Sydney Uni)

a14 Science Rd
Camperdown NSW 2006 [see map]

Capacity: Unknown

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Jan '23




This is our first listing for Sydney Uni's Great Hall which makes me wonder why it's as underutilised for contemporary music as it is. There might be some good opportunity there! Wonder what the booking fee is? This is being put on by "entertainment discovery platform" Fever - it's sort of like SydneyMusic but they're shooting for global, it's for-profit and it looks like part of their business model is getting into the ticketing game. The gig itself (and the rest of their "Originals" series) is kind of a promotional initiative, with the selling point being that the artist plays amidst "thousands" of candles (putting that in quotes as that's from the press release) - you just know that's gonna look svelte on Instagram and TikTok. The show comes at a premium: an eye-watering $75 to sit up the front (you can be up the back for $45): it's quite a steep ask for a local act, but maybe that's making sure there's budget for the cleaners to get all of the melted candlewax sorted after bump out.